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GoDaddy adds its branding to ‘for sale’ landers

Domains added via GoDaddy listing service now have GoDaddy branding.

A for-sale lander with the GoDaddy logo
GoDaddy adds its logo to landers.

GoDaddy has added its logo to sales landers on client domains, which should give a boost to inquiries and sales.

The company started by changing the branding from Afternic to GoDaddy on its own portfolio of domains. It simultaneously changed the serving for these domains to faster servers. It immediately saw a 10% conversion lift.

A few months ago it added the GoDaddy branding to for sale landers for domains added via Afternic, but not domains that were added via GoDaddy’s listing tool. Just recently it added it to all domain names.

The Afternic name isn’t well-known outside of domainer circles. GoDaddy is a trusted name, so it makes sense that potential buyers will respond better to this branding.

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  1. bdsmStore.com

    i was talking about the GoDaddy For Sale Lander Page but it’s not working right now…

    it’s says Domain listing were not created. Due to some backend error we are not able to create the domain listings.

  2. Sergey

    Imho, what will really increase sales conversion is enabling the BIN option on such landers. Can’t get why it is not implemented yet.

    • Andrew Allemann

      GoDaddy says they’ve run tests that show it’s better if they can get the person on the phone, but I’d like to see some newer data on this, especially at different price points.

      • Sergey

        If they run their tests prior GoDaddy branding was enabled, that would be understandable. Adding GoDaddy branding to the lander changes everything imho.

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