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Russian car cam company guilty of reverse domain name hijacking

Company wanted .com domain to match its .ru website.

Screenshot of the website CarCam.ru
The owner of CarCam.ru tried to get the domain CarCam.com but was instead found to have attempted reverse domain name hijacking.

A Russian electronics seller known for its car cameras has been found guilty of reverse domain name hijacking by a World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) panelist.

Limited Liability Company AV 808, which uses the domain name CarCam.ru, filed a cybersquatting dispute against the domain name CarCam.com.

The owner of CarCam.com registered the domain in 1996, well before the Russian company existed. The Russian company tried to buy the domain and filed the cybersquatting dispute under UDRP after its purchase attempts were rebuffed. In other words, it was a classic “Plan B” reverse domain name hijacking.

In finding that the case was brought in abuse of the cybersquatting policy, WIPO panelist Marilena Comanescu determined that:

the Complainant should have appreciated that establishing registration and use in bad faith in respect of a domain name which had first been registered seventeen years ago was likely to involve difficult considerations.

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  1. DavidJCastello says

    They need to make the penalty much harsher for those found guilty of RDNH. Losing an attempt to take a name is one thing, but those found guilty of RDNH is a completely different animal. If the Complainant is found guilty of RDNH, they should have to pay the Respondent $5,000.

  2. H says

    In Russia, reverse domain name hijacking is legally possible (for the national extensions). It looks like they believed it works the same way internationally and failed to do the proper research before filing.

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