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Efty launches new templates based on conversion data

Company releases new landers based on years of conversion data.

Domain name sales platform Efty has launched three new themes that it hopes will lead to more domain inquiries and purchases for its clients.

“We reviewed inquiry data from the past four years on the Efty platform,” Efty co-founder Doron Vermaat explained. “We took the best performing colors, as well as placement of buttons and forms from our existing landing page themes, to create the new ones.”

Efty has 200,000 domains on its platform with over 3 million visitors per month.

Efty offers several landing page options including Make offer or Buy Now (or a combo of those two). It also has what it calls UDRP-safe and INDPR-safe landers with different sales messages.

The three new designs are called Fresku, Nubia and Nobo.

Here’s the Fresku lander with a Make Offer and Buy Now price:

This Nobo lander is interesting in that it has the buyer enter an offer price before proceeding to the form:

Efty lander

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  1. Domainer says

    I just converted 250 to Fresku and 250 to Nubia as a test.
    It will be interesting to see if they generate new interest.

    My biggest problem with BIN landing pages at Efty, is that, a number of people hit the escrow button to see what will happen. Even though, they have no interest in buying the domain.

    I send an email to the potential buyer confirming the transaction. If I do not hear anything from them in a couple days, I know the deal is dead.

    It must be annoying to escrow,com since they keep the transaction open for 3 weeks.

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