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Wow: Over 64,000 .Dev domain names registered

The .Dev top level domain is off to a strong start.

Google launched the .dev top level domain name yesterday and the domain already has over 64,000 registrations.

The zone file for .dev on ICANN’s reporting system currently shows about 15,000, so it’s missing many of the domains. Still, based on my review of the zone file, it looks like last name and first/last name combos are popular; individual developers are buying their name ending in .dev. Development terms and company names are also popular.

While these numbers are slightly behind Google’s early success with .app, they are a lot higher than I expected. Google’s cachet with developers and its PR capabilities are certainly driving registrations.

The company is offering a free .dev domain for one year to applicants for this year’s Google I/O conference but this represents only a small part of the 64,000 registrations.

The entire .dev top level domain name is on the HSTS preload list, so .dev domain names need an SSL certificate in order to resolve. (Learn more about this here.)

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  1. Anthony Edward Mitchell says

    The pricing of .DEVs was confusing. If I’d figured it out earlier, then I would have participated in the landrush phase, rather than waiting for general availability (GA).

    It seemed that landrush prices (at least for the domains I looked at) carried standard renewal fees, whereas premium names offered in GA carried forward the same premium prices for their renewals. I didn’t track prices for specific SLDs from one phase to the next, so I could be mistaken, but it seemed that the final landrush phase provided better value-for-money and availability for investment-quality names than waiting for GA.

    In .APP’s GA, my wish list of 120 yielded only one registration (an Arabic word), whereas with .DEV an 80-name wish list yielded 7 available names at non-premium prices, none of which were in the first (most desirable tier) of a three-tier list. In conducting quick Google keyword searches for four of the seven available .DEVs, none of them yielded significant enough search results to make them appear viable, so I only registered three .DEVs.

    As with .APP, Bharatavarsha is my .DEV focus. In the case of these first two SLDs, I have friends whose names IRL correspond to these hacks:


    Google’s training service for cloud computing is Blackfoot-oriented (AWS) and is branded as Qwik, so Qwik.Dev seemed like a good choice. If nothing else, it will be usable in my own outsourcing projects on behalf of commercial clients.

  2. Don M says

    If anyone bought two words it’s worthless. These extensions only work with one word. .

    .Dev will be better than .IO imo. Google is backing this and will throw out much more $ to advertise than anyone. No it will not hold a candle to .com but what they do have is coders, developers, software geeks that will start off with these.
    .app is only good for games. The other 10 apps you hold on your phone are used 95% of the time so case closed on that extension.

    It will have a niche place just like .io but a bit better.

  3. John says

    Fools rush in.

    Developers might like them ; Consumers do not.

    .COM is the only extension that is truly proven.

    Here were are in 2019 and many people still have not learned from the hard way — site failure on other extensions.

  4. Ethan says

    With new gTLDs getting more recognition day by day and backed by internet giant like Google, I think a wise domain investor should really reconsider the idea of “.com dominance”.

      • Bob says

        Either that or plain old .stupid! Face it, .dude, the G’s .suck and have all .died — or will do so soon. A purchase of a gtld is a complete.waste of money.

        • Ethan says

          If you ask me, that remark of yours looks uneducated and unconvincing because you are being ill-mannered.

          Be polite and humble if you want to convince people.

  5. Rayray says

    “.gg” has been getting alot of attention in the esports and online gaming sector. Link that to sponsorships, tournaments, teams, streamers (twitch), betting sites and more. It’s a straight lucrative numbers game in parallel with it’s growing fanbase…

  6. Jose says

    March, 2,2019, in flippa.com for sale: aerospace.dev $43,900 and government.dev $21,000

    Happy day. Jose

  7. Arooba Sheikh says

    64000 dev domain and I never find a single website in SERP with dev extension. I think better go with .com or .co

  8. Aumtec Solutions says

    Its great to see that these figures are somewhat behind the early success of Google with.app, they are much higher than expected. Google’s app cachet and its PR tools helped to push registrations.

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