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Blockchain and Domain Names – DNW Podcast #224

How can domain names and blockchain technology together?

dnw-podcast Is there an opportunity for domain names and blockchain technology? This week’s guest helps separate hype from reality. Matthew Gould is founder of Unstoppable Domains, a company marrying domain names and blockchain. Learn if this nascent idea has legs and what it could mean for you.

Also: Blockchain.io scuffle, Tucows/GoDaddy deal and the cobbler and the internet.

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  1. christopher says

    CRYPTOCURRENCY .COM is a nine figure Domain Name. if only Rick Schwartz owned it we would all be alot richer in the Cryptocurrency Domain Industry. if you own Cryptocurrency . any cctld you are an instant millionaire, build it out and make tens of millions over time, this is where the money is.

  2. Francois says

    In bear time the demand is low for premium domains purchases, I noticed as I am brokering:
    alts.com, bloc.com, crowdsale.com, encrypt.com, hodling.com…
    Let’s hope this change soon so domainers can make again nice sales in this vertical.

    • Mark Thorpe says

      You probably won’t see high crypto domain sales any time soon. My crypto domain inquires have fallen off of the cliff.
      People have moved onto STO’s (security token offerings).

      It’s all about cannabis domains right now and into the future.

      • Luke says

        B.S ive just raised my prices and sold a few in the six figures under NDA. Crypto Domains are hot, everyone who has sold premium Crypto Domains isn’t yelling about their sales, we are just retiring in Silence.

  3. Den says

    Francois have a heavy one , I think Bloc.com is not only a 4L . solid com but is also one of the top Blockchain names.


    • Geno says

      That is a Great Domain period. You will get a big payday. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are the future and will be the hottest names on the planet from now on.

      • Bob Parry says

        This is interesting as I have PeakBlockchain.com, TakeBlockchain.com & ComeCrypto.com for sale at Sedo.

  4. Rob Monster - Epik.com says

    Good to see this topic covered.

    For anyone not aware, I recommend to install the 100% free and zero-track Anonymize.com VPN or use the Anonymize DNS:


    It is the first fruit of the BitMitigate acquisition announced recently:

    It support all of these TLD today. Resolution under of around 90 ms. Done. Operational. Today.


    Check it out. We’ll plan to support .ZIL when it ships and discussed with the Unstoppable guys at NamesCon.

    If someone wants a Blockchain TLD, the technology is possible today. For example, Epik.com has started with two TLDs:


    Both can be reserved today and shortly you will be able to manage any Blockchain domain right in your Epik account. Instead of an auth code, you will have your private key. Same difference, except that all Blockchain domains are Forever domains by design.

    Also, to add with domain resolution, a proprietary Epik.com browser (a fork of Chrome that integrates the Anonymize VPN) is coming out next quarter.

    The domain industry is about to experience seismic change. Ignore it at your peril. Censorship and TLD hoarding by registries came with a cost.

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