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NBC registers domain names for sports betting

Do the registrations foreshadow a new sports betting platform or are they merely defensive registrations?

NBC Sports logoIs NBC going to offer sports betting?

NBC registered a handful of sports betting domain names on Friday including NBCSportbook.com and NBCSportsSportsbook.com, as well as non-.com versions of NBCSportsBet, NBCSportsBets, NBCSportsbook and NBCSportsBetting.

With sports betting being liberalized (both legislatively and judicially) across the United States, sports betting domain names might see an uptick similar to what marijuana domains have experienced in recent years. This is actually one of my predictions I’ll share on the 2019 DNW Podcast predictions episode.

NBC’s registrations suggest it might offer its own sports betting platform. The registrations could also be defensive; the reason it registered the non-.com versions of NBCSportsBet, NBCSportsBets and NBCSportsBetting is because third-parties already registered the .coms.


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  1. Panama Wilson says

    NBC might as well move into sports betting because they surely can’t report real news. NBC is fake news, and really sloppy, and amateur even though they have been around for decades.

    • Robert Golden (@robertgolden14) says

      As a concerned citizen (if you are one and not a Russian bot), you should also understand the difference between facts and intentional distortions of the empirical world. Facts can be verified by evidence and research. Intentional distortions are efforts to presents untruths that do not meet the verification test.

      If you go to a meeting, where everyone registers, and actual admittance is checked at the door, by attendee signature, and one attendee claims there were 100 at the meeting and another claims only 10, their is a verifiable basis, to determine which subjective estimate is closer to the truth. If in fact 100 people signed into the meeting, the estimate of 10 is incorrect. In this sense NBC News is not “fake news” because their news is generally fact checked and corroborated, by multiple sources and methods.

  2. John says

    Right now it is all state controlled. That means NBC would have to go through the trouble of getting licensed in every single state and paying around $10 million give or take for each license. So I’m inclined to doubt this signifies intention to operate vs. defensive regs. If the industry becomes federalized in terms of oversight and regulation then maybe, but that’s a very big “if” now.

  3. John says

    It may be worth noting, however, that Comcast owns NBC, and Comcast is based in Philly, PA, and PA is now the new big fish and full bore entrant into legal sports betting, so perhaps there could be some intention there. PA is also the 2nd biggest gambling market in the US, ahead of New Jersey and next to only the great silver state.

  4. Steve says

    I agree. Sportsbet and esportsbet domains will fetch some high prices. I tried to buy sportsbet.com .net .org..info and 7 more extensions owned by the same holding company in the carib all have same brochure like site. Then tried to buy sportsbet.tv but it sold the previous day to esports.io. yes good cannabis and sportsbet domains will keep going up in value, due to legislation in both key words.

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