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Domain predictions – who was right? – DNW Podcast #214

Who had the best crystal ball for 2018?

dnw-podcast In this special episode, we’ll listen to the predictions people made a year ago for 2018 in the domain industry. Who was right? Who missed the mark? The 2019 predictions episode is coming soon, so this will be a good warmup for that episode.

Also: Expired domain shakeup, Amazon buys another valuable domain name, PIR gets a new CEO and Uniregistry shrinks its brand.

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  1. Snoopy says

    Not sure any of these predictions were even slightly accurate.

    Crypto continuing to surge, .brand taking off, blockchain being used a lot in the domain industry, major .com portfolio sales as people switch to crypto, local cctlds growing, crypto names will continue to increase in value, new tld usage surge.

    All wrong!

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