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Uniregistry is now Uni

Domain name registrar changes to shorter name.

Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry has changed its brand name to simply Uni.

The move coincided with the launch of a new app last week that makes it easy for users to get email or create a website.

On November 28, the company filed a trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for Uni for several services including domain names, email and web hosting.

Intriguingly for a domain name company, it does not own Uni.com. That domain is owned by an Italian non-profit. For now, the website is still at Uniregistry.com.

While the logo on Uniregistry.com has changed to Uni, you’ll still find references to Uniregistry throughout the site and in emails the company sends.

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  1. Perky

    Name development
    Name administration
    Name admin
    Internet traffic
    Domain name sales
    This guy changes names more often than
    People change their underwear
    Same old second rate product
    Let me guess
    He’s going after uni and a new gtld
    Domain perks lololo

  2. Nick

    Non-Domainers never heard of them. So, sure they don’t need the .com . The only people going to their site are overly aware of domain extensions.

    • Snoopy

      Most domainers don’t like new tlds, not sure it would be a good idea to move to one for a domain industry company.

  3. mike

    You can’t grow a company like this on .link, myuni.com is cute, but for the most part uni.com is an amazing domain, and uncle frank needs to sell the car collection to buy this one for sure. Might take $1M

  4. Richard Morris aka Bulloney

    Just another stupid name by so called leaders in this industry. My domain scoring program scored Uniregistry a 2 out of a possible 10, and “uni” didn’t even score a 1 out of 10. Verisign was right, this is one f’kd up industry. I’m still looking to sell my Sedo jet ski.

    Bulloney akd ThatNameGuy™

  5. Xavier

    A premium domain name investor platform that is taking the risk to launch it’s platform without the exact match.com is a joke… Domain investors knows the new gtlds and it confuse them… Now let’s involve the general public lol This rebrand will fail

    • mike

      Especially one that sells the importance to a majority of end users, what do we call that IRONY, or simply IRONIC?

  6. Richard Morris aka Bulloney

    For those interested in naming body parts, UniHuge.com is available to hand register, and GD appraises it for $1,595. Now there’s an unforgettable name worth owning just for the fun of it…..maybe I’ll buy it after all, but I’ll give it a day.

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