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50 cent domains at Network Solutions? Not so fast

Promo offers cheap domains but they aren’t as inexpensive as they look.

Network Solutions sent out a Cyber Monday special that looks tempting: Up to 5 .com, .net, .biz, .info or .org domains for only 50 cents each.

The devil is in the very fine print:

Domains transferred out prior to one year renewal will be subject to a $20 fee per domain

In other words, the special offer is for 50 cents for the first year of a two-year registration, so it’s not really a 50 cent registration. At $35 for the second year, the special is two years of domain registration for $17.75 per year or one for $20.50. That’s not so good when you look at it that way.

It’s similar to the Cyber Monday deal at Network Solutions last year.

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  1. Mike says

    No, No ,Nooooooooo . My god as soon as I see the name “Network Solutions” I freeze. They NEVER send auth codes like MOST other Registrars, they make you jump through hoops etc etc. Spam all time. No siree, they should be in the Museum as a relic a Company that was good and went bad.

  2. andNames says

    Simple solution :
    Register only sell-and-run domains on Netsol for $1 (or so). Domains you wont renew, domains which you otherwise wont purchase for 8-10 USD.

    In case you successfully sell a domain out of your $0.50 purchases, $20 transfer fees is not bad since you can pay this fees “after” you got a successful sale.
    Like dropshipping business, where you buy your stock “after” you got a prepaid order.

    And for domains worth holding and renewing chose a good registrar with low $8 annual fees.

    Also the earlier $1 promo of N.S. did not had a transfer fees string attached.

    And for those who think 5 domain registration is not much, there are people who made it scaleble with multiple accounts and have their own success stories of monstrous ROI flips.

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