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Google Adsense now requires site verification

In a throwback, sites must be validated before showing Google Adsense ads.

Sites must be verified before Adsense shows ads like in the image above. Photo courtesy Google.

Google is now verifying websites before they can use Adsense to monetize content.

In a blog post today, the company said that the process will review sites for compliance with the Adsense Program policies.

There are a lot of policies for Adsense, but I wonder if this change is in part to make sure Adsense ads don’t show up on sites racist or hateful content, or content that incites violence. This has been a hot topic lately after the radicalization of people carrying out acts such as sending pipe bombs and mass shootings.

The verification will also verify that users can own the domain or can modify its content.

Longtime Adsense users won’t find this too burdensome. In the old days, all sites have to be reviewed before they were accepted to show Adsense ads.

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