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14 end user domain names sales up to $30,500

An IT Company, a fruit distributor, and an eyewear manufacturer bought domain names last week.

It was a busy week for sales at Sedo with lots of diverse end users in the mix including international companies, many based in Sedo’s headquarter country of Germany. The top sale of the week was bad.de at €119,000, but it’s not yet clear who bought the domain name.

Take a look at some of the end user sales at Sedo this past week, and you can view previous weeks’ lists here.

EBF.Com $30,500 – German IT Consultant EBF specializes in management and safeguarding of mobile end devices for companies in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).
The domain forwards to the .DE of this domain.

Fyat.com €12,075 – The title of the “coming soon” page says it’s “Everyone’s Exchange”. This could potentially be a cryptocurrency related site.

Namensaufkleber.de €8,400 – Currently forwards to namensetiketten.de, a German site for customized label making.

Webschmoeker.de €7,500 – A Germany-based web designer.

ERCE.com €5,900 – ERCE Energy is an oil & gas company. The domain forwards to its website at ERCE.energy.

Hakkipilke.com €5,322 – HakkiPilke makes firewood processing equipment in Finland. The domain forwards to the company’s matching .FI domain.

XNDO.com €5,000 – Xndo is a health food and supplements company. The domain forwards to the company’s existing .net domain.

Win.gg $5,000 – Forwards to winesports.com, but they may be shifting to this shorter domain in the future or it could be used as a URL shortener. The site boasts that they are “the next big thing in esports media” with coverage of the biggest games in esports, including League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and Overwatch.

Bussgeld-Katalog.de €3,500 – Forwards to geblitzt.de, which provides legal services for traffic offenders in Germany.

Trendworthy.com $3,000 – The domain now resolves to a page with trending news stories.

FixNetwork.com $3,200 – A Canadian company called MondoFix inc. bought the domain. The company owns hundreds of auto repair shops.

Regalin.com $3,001- An upgrade from a hyphenated version: Regal-In.com for this French fruit distributor specializing in peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries and apples.

Forecastable.com $2,500 – A coming soon page on the site says “Enterprise Account-Based Selling Will Never be the Same”.

DeerOptics.com $2,353 – Appears to be a rebranding of an eyewear company previously called MN Optics, the exact same site is also on MNOptics.com.

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  1. ss says

    Forecastable.com $2,500

    a suffix of -able is a great format for end users, as is -ed, -ing, etc

    many great deals to be had for those sort of names

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