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10 more end user domain names sales

An eCommerce company, virtual reality blog, and investment exchange bought domains last week.

This week’s end user domain buyers run the gamut but feature several travel-related businesses as well as a perfume and beauty products online shop, and a few tech businesses. The top sale at nearly €16,000 went to a universal shopping basket service called Cloud Basket where users can use one account to buy from different websites.

Take a look at some of the end user sales at Sedo this past week, and you can view previous weeks’ lists here.

CloudBasket.com €15,890- Already online and operating as a universal shopping basket service where you can buy from different online shops using one account. The buyer is Q.One Technologies GmbH.

Fragrance.mx – $9,999 Purchased by the owner of Fragrance.com & Fragrance.net. Fragrance.net sells discounted perfumes and cologne along with skincare, makeup and more.

Stak.co €5,000 – A .co name makes the list as this site redirects to pupil.co, which claims to be spatial technology company “capturing and publishing 3D information about real-world interiors on an industrial scale.” So maybe Stak will be a side project or additional product offering.

PersonalWissen.de €4,000 – Translating to Human Resources Knowledge, this site forwards to www.vnrag.de which claims to be one of the ten biggest specialist publishing houses in Germany.

Ektor.com $4,000 – Showing a “Coming Soon” sign and was purchased by Maco Lighting Pty Ltd, an Australian lighting company.

VRHuman.com $3,888 – A virtual/augmented reality blog.

Bonds.de €3,500- Currently up and running as an investment portal where members can interact with other people interested/working with bonds.

Top10Hotels.com €2,999 – Travel search engine mainly focused on hotels.

Bhutan.fr €2,499 – A landing page directing visitors to other Bhutan visitor sites so I imagine this will be a travel site for Bhutan in French.

CaribbeanFlights.com $2,150 – This is an upgrade from the hyphenated caribbean-flights.com. It forwards to the website for a private charter flight company.

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