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Larry.Page coming soon as Google launches .Page domain names

Larry.Page and other domains ending in .page are coming soon.

Google released the .Page top level domain name today in Sunrise, meaning trademark owners who have registered their marks with the Trademark Clearinghouse can register domains ending in .page.

And no, Google didn’t select .page because it’s the surname of its co-founder Larry Page. On its website, Google says “.page is for anyone who wants to create a new website online, including entrepreneurs, publishers, developers, businesses, and students.”

The Sunrise period will end on October 2, at which point an Early Access Dutch auction runs for seven days. This is similar to the model used to launch the .App domain earlier this year.

After Early Access, the domain will be open to everyone at regular prices on October 9.

The domain name will be affordably priced. The registrars I checked are offering the domain for $13 once general availability begins.

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  1. Bob says

    What type of loser company would want to have an entire SITE ending with .PAGE?

    Why not use .SmallMindedLittleShtCompany instead?

    Even Google can’t stop the new gtlds from sucking so bad.

  2. James Kite says

    Some great ideas for .page

    Except for premium renewals on everything I check…

    …and the requirement for an SSL certificate (easy enough issue to deal with, but those premiums kill my interest)

  3. steve brady says

    Is HTTPS built-in with .page like Google said with .app ?
    How come both of my .app domains resolve http but not https ?
    Did they renege on the free https?

      • steve brady says

        Required of whom? I thought it was built-in, an inherent attribute standard to the .app domain.

        Let’s pretend we have no idea what an SSL certificate is and we purchase a .app domain for $16 at GoDaddy.

        What else is the registrant obligated to? I thought https meant you had an SSL certificate.

        • Andrew Allemann says

          If you buy a domain on .app and don’t have an SSL, you’ll either have to buy one or get a free one and install it.

          Google doesn’t automatically supply an SSL for your domain, but your domain will only resolve with one. Many registrars are providing a free SSL with these domains, though.

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