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Vistaprint drops .Vista top level domain

Company wants to terminate its contract with ICANN to run .Vista.

Promotional and custom products maker Vistaprint has informed ICANN (pdf) that it no longer wishes to operate the .vista top level domain name. The domain name was delegated to Vistaprint in June 2015 but the company hasn’t done anything with it.

The company also applied for and was granted .Vistaprint. Likewise, it hasn’t done anything with that top level domain.

A third domain the company applied for, .webs, was held up in a weird contention set with .web. .Webs is still showing a status of “on hold” at ICANN. Webs is the brand name of a do-it-yourself website maker that Vistaprint bought in 2011.

.Vista always seemed like an odd domain for Vistaprint to go after. I assumed it was some sort of defensive play.

Another company, Statoil ASA, recently informed ICANN that it would like to terminate its .statoil top level domain.

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  1. Jack

    As well as Richemont’s .jlc and .panerai
    Companies are not interested in dot brands anymore.
    .COM has won the game.

  2. clasione

    Sucks that they wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars to finally figure out that it was a total farce and fabricated land-grab on a non existing planet in the Universe.

    • sohail roshni

      i agree.they must have realised that their .com is good enough.whats the use for the new tld?nothing.
      .com is king.
      Sohail roshni

  3. Dave Tyrer

    Statoil was a huge energy company who rebranded to Equinor to reflect their new direction towards sustainability. It was established when Norway discovered oil in the North Sea.

    Obviously, they no longer have any need for the dot statoil string. Their new site is equinor.com.

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