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Lawsuit filed to recover 6-digit domain names

Complaint alleges that five domain names were stolen.

A person in China has filed a lawsuit in an effort to recover domain names they allege were stolen from their domain name registrar account.

Xiaomei Chen filed the in rem action against the domain names 789365.com, 402013.com, 402014.com, 402015.com, and vip999365.com. It also names Lin Bing Jun, but the plaintiff believes the Whois information is fake.

According to the complaint (pdf), the domain names have generated $6,000 in revenue and 325 visits on average each month. The domains were acquired in 2016.

The plaintiff believes the domains were stolen around October 7, 2017 and moved from their GoDaddy account. Most of the domains are still at GoDaddy and one is at NameSilo.

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  1. Domainer says

    What drives me crazy about registrars, is that, they say –
    “its your problem, not ours.”

    I realize the legal side of the argument.
    I’m not debating the legal points.
    I am talking about – customer service.

    I feel registrars have some ethical responsibility to help their customers
    rather than saying “tough luck”.

    If I buy something at Walmart and does not work, I don’t want them to
    say “contact the manufacturer. You bought it, its your problem”.

    I miss the days when you could ask your registrar for help and they
    actually tried to help you. The last person/registrar that operated
    that way was Monte.

  2. 277 says

    Can you please explain to me how they could have generated $6,000 in Revenue?!
    325 visits a month from direct nav?
    Revenue from parking? Parking pays soo little?

    Do you have any ideas?

    Im going to check archive but id assume they would have been parked…

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