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Canadian company GVE Global Vision Inc tries reverse domain name hijacking

Package proofreading firm guilty of reverse domain name hijacking.

A Canadian company has been found to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking over the domain name GlobalVision.com.

GVE Global Vision Inc (which goes by the name GlobalVision) helps companies like P&G and Coca-Cola with proofreading and inspecting their packaging.

It filed a complaint under UDRP with National Arbitration Forum, arguing that the UK company SDB Organisation Limited was cybersquatting with the domain name.

SDB registered the domain name in 1995, about 23 years ago. This is before GVE Global Vision had any rights in the Global Vision name. The complainant registered GlobalVisionInc.com in 1997.

GVE Global Vision tried to buy the domain from its owner in 2016. When that failed, it filed a trademark in Canada for Global Vision. Then it filed the cybersquatting complaint after getting the Canadian trademark.

Panelist Darryl C. Wilson wrote:

Respondent asserts Complainant and Respondent’s companies co-existed for 21 years without issue until 2016, when Complainant made an attempt to purchase the disputed domain name from Respondent, which Respondent refused on the grounds Respondent is an active company. Respondent asserts Complainant subsequently registered a trademark and engaged a legal team to intimidate Respondent by filing the Complaint to illegitimately gain control over the domain. The Panel here finds that Complainant knew or should have known that it was unable to prove that Respondent lacks rights or legitimate interests in the globalvision.com domain name and that Respondent registered and is using the disputed domain name in bad faith. The Panel thus concludes that reverse domain name hijacking has occurred.

GVE Global Vision was represented by Legal Logik Inc.

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  1. Josh says

    Do they not use common sense, no TM filed or use before name is registered and not used in bad faith = why try. Pay up or hit the road.

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