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April’s top domain stories on Domain Name Wire

Here’s a list of the top stories on Domain Name Wire last month, ranked by pageviews. Also, check out the list of podcasts from the past month — there were some great ones!

1. GoDaddy is closing an expired domain “loophole” – Backorders placed after auctions close will no longer win the domain name.

2. Whois GDPR carnage continues: Afilias to ditch almost all data in Whois on millions of domains – Afilias announced its Whois plans but backtracked shortly thereafter.

3. Vacation.rentals domain name sells for record $500,300. Oh, and it’s ranking on the first page of Google now for “Vacation Rentals”. Listen to the DNW podcast with the buyer.

4. U.S. government asks ICANN to investigate GoDaddy’s Whois policy – Don’t mind the elephant in the room.

5. Original France.com owner sues to recover domain from the country – Every publication in the world wrote about it after me, but I didn’t get any links back.


#183 – Sandeep Ramchandani, CEO of Radix (listen)

#182 – Meet Erik Bergman, who paid $900k for Great.com (listen)

#181 – Why Mike Kugler spent $500k on Vacation.Rentals (listen)

#180 – Panama, Sherpas and the Domain Market with Andrew Rosener (listen)

#179 – Whois and GDPR with Tim Chen (listen)

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