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Take a look at Google’s 11 sites built on .Google

Google has developed 11 websites that use .Google domains.

Google is getting a lot of press this week thanks to its launch of .App, but .App is just one of dozens of new top level domains that Google controls.

During the 2012 round of top level domain name expansion, many companies applied for top level domains that match their brand names, e.g. .google. While applicants for these domains have been slow to build sites on them, the number of developed websites on dot-brand domains is steadily increasing.

Google has developed 11 of the 17 domains it has registered under the .Google top level domain name. Here’s a look at these 11 sites:

Google Design – Design.Google

A cooperative effort led by a group of designers, writers and developers at Google.

Grow with Google – Grow.Google

Educational resources for people to learn new skills.


Houses information about sustainability at Google.

Google Domains – Domains.Google

Google’s fast-growing domain name registrar.

Google Registry – Registry.Google

Speaking of domain names, this is the home for Google Registry, which is about the launch .app.

Google AI – AI.Google

Information about Google’s artificial intelligence work.

Gradient Ventures – Gradient.google

Gradient Ventures is Google’s venture fund investing in AI companies.

The Keyword – Blog.Google

Google’s blog The Keyword about Google stuff.

Diversity – Diversity.Google

Information about diversity at Google.

Crisis Response – CrisisResponse.Google

Resources for first responders and local authorities on how Google can help them with emergencies.


Information about LGBTQ+ issues.

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