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3 more dot-brand top level domains to be cut

Companies decide against operating dot-brand top level domains.

Two more companies have requested to cancel their registry contracts with ICANN after abandoning plans to operate their dot-brand top level domain names.

Sony Mobile Communications AB has decided to abandon .xperia. Xperia is a line of mobile phones. The company is still releasing phones under this brand but probably doesn’t need a top level domain name for it.

Portuguese communications company MEO Servicos de Comunicacoes e Multimedia, S.A. has notified ICANN it is abandoning its namesake .Meo as well as .sapo. Sapo is the name of the company’s content portal.

None of the three domains have public second level domains other than nic.”brand”

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  1. Snoopy says

    Expect a lot more of this.

    .Brand is the “white elephant” of the domain world, hard to use, expensive and provides no benefit over a .com address.

    • Jane Doe says

      Provides a huge benefit over .com from a security point of view as the sole user of the extension.

      But not everyone requires that level.

      On a purely branding level, your corporate name would be better than a product name which may be discontinued down the track.

      • Henry says

        I get your contrarian view of the argument but the jury is out on the efficacy and the value. The ROI is minimal at best and many organizations arebbeginning to find that out.

        For a few organizations, the cost is justified but for most, not so much especially when it’s an aspect of your marketing strategy.

      • Snoopy says

        “Provides a huge benefit over .com from a security point of view as the sole user of the extension.”

        What is the benefit in having say sony.experia when anyone can register expedia.photo, sonyexperia.com experia.mobi, sonyexperia.company.

        What is the huge security benefit exactly?

  2. Aaron Ralll says

    ICANN is a disgusting, inbred bureaucracy that needs garbage like this to feed its fat cats.

  3. Legend says

    Much expectations about this. I personally hope for more from ICANN as most people claim it is not yet standardized

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