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10 notable NameJet sales from February 2018

Here are ten sales from last month that caught my attention.

NameJet’s February sales include the NamesCon auction results, so the company posted nearly $3 million in sales of domain names over $2,000 for the month. Yes, that means Super.com ($1.2 million) and Great.com ($900,000) closed!

Ignoring NamesCon, NameJet posted 59 sales of $2,000 or more for a total of just over $300,000. Here are some non-NamesCon sales that stood out to me:

PrizeFight.com $9,000 – Yikes! This domain sold for $105,556 on Afternic back in 2006. The sale is in line with more recent comps: PrizeFights.com for $12,000 in 2015 and PrizeFighters.com for $20,000 in 2010.

FishingLure.com $7,600 – Comps can be tricky!

NewJerseyHomes.com $7,500 – The same domain sold for $8,600 on NameJet about a year ago. Most of the top sales of domains ending in ‘homes’ are for city names. FortWorthHomes.com for $34,100 in 2015, AustinHomes.com for $40,000 in 2012.

SuddenlySenior.com $5,350 – You’d think aging was a more gradual process. But as I get older I ask “where did the years go?”

Duffer.com $5,001 – I imagine the buyer is thinking of this as a surname rather than the dictionary definition.

Bismark.com $4,199 – Bought as a typo? Google will only show results for BismarCk unless you tell it you’re sure you want to exclude the C.

GCapital.com $4,188 – The buyer needs to be really careful about what PPC ads they show for this domain.

Infusing.com $2,500 – Infusion would be better, but there’s a good buyer base for this domain.

AirplanesForSale.com $2,355 – I can see some domainers arguing this is worth a lot more because “if you sell just one airplane, you’ve more than paid for the domain!” Yeah, but…

Sacrifice.org $2,299 – This domain could have a religious connotation so .org make sense.


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  1. Anon says

    “GCapital.com $4,188 – The buyer needs to be really careful about what PPC ads they show for this domain.”


      • Logan says

        Neither of whom have a registered trademark on “G Capital”.

        Nobody at USPTO.gov has a registered trademark on the “G Capital” phrase either live now or dead from the past.

        Anyway, why put up PPC ads? Put up a BIN and/or “Make Offer” landing page and make it easy for buyers to buy from you. PPC ads just clutter up the user experience for the buyer and make it unclear that the domain name is available for immediate purchase. Make. It. Easy. To. Buy.

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