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GoDaddy makes bulk domain appraisal tool available to NamesCon attendees

Conference attendees can get unique token to unlock bulk appraisal tool.

GoDaddy’s bulk appraisal tool summarizes the domain names that were appraised.

GoDaddy is opening up its domain name appraisal tool–both in volume and level of detail–to NamesCon attendees.

A token is necessary to access the tool that can be used to appraise up to 100,000 domain names. Tokens will be in NamesCon attendee swag bags as well as at the GoDaddy booth.

In addition to getting access to bulk functionality, the tools provides more data than GoDaddy’s standard online appraisal tool:

  • GoValue – This is the value that you currently get from the online tool. It’s the estimated sales value.
  • Wholesale value – What Godaddy estimates the domain would sell for in an expired domain auction.
  • List price – This is how much domain investors would typically list the domain for. This will be higher than the GoValue.
  • Sales probability $500 – The likelihood that the domain will sell within a year if priced at $500. This is expressed as a percentage.
  • Sales probability at GoValue – The likelihood that the domain will sell within a year if priced at the GoValue. With typically portfolio turnover in the 1%-2% range, you can expect most domains to have low values.
  • Sales probability at wholesale – The likelihood that the domain will sell within a year if priced at the wholesale value

This data can be extremely valuable. Many people haven’t agreed with GoDaddy’s GoValues. Adding the additional valuation metrics helps make sense of the data.

In particular, seeing the sales probability gives a level of confidence about demand for the domain name.

I tested the tool out today and got some good insight from it. There are some limitations, however.

Some of the values are capped. This was an issue mostly for the wholesale value, which frequently showed $1,000 because that’s the limit it will show (meaning the domain is worth $1,000 or more at wholesale). At the same time, I found many of the wholesale values to be much lower than what the domains sold for just recently on GoDaddy Auctions.

Also, GoDaddy’s appraisals for new top level domain names seem to be very high. There’s not much data to go off of, which makes it more difficult to create an automated valuation for them.

Still, nitpicking individual values misses the point of how you should use automated appraisals.

The system also generates a portfolio summary graphic, which you can see above.

The tool will only be available until February 27.

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  1. Mark Thorpe says

    No automated domain name appraisal tool will ever come close to a manual domain appraisal’s accuracy.

    Automated appraisal’s cannot calculate supply, demand, emotion or terminology.
    How many people say “Cyber” now?
    How many people use a “fax” machine? Look how new the word “Crypto” is.

    Another example is the emerging Crypto Industry and their need for domains.
    Also, domain Investors buying and selling crypto domains.

    An automated domain name appraisal service cannot factor all of these elements into it’s calculation.

    Write whatever algorithm you want, but nothing beats a manual domain name appraisal.

    • Andrew Allemann says

      Automated algorithms have their limitations. So do manual ones. The manual reviewer might not be familiar with the topic just like an algo might not. And they are a lot slower!

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