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#7 in 2017: Attack 🏹 of the Emoji Domains

This is the fourth in a series covering the top stories on DNW in 2017, as ranked by pageviews.

Coming in at #7 of topics in 2017 is emoji domain names. Specifically, an ICANN security group’s warning against allowing emoji domain names was among the top stories view on DNW.

The warning came after domain investors piled into domain names that have emoji at the second level. Only a few country code top level domains allow registrations such as 🕶.ws and 😀.ws, but domain investors took advantage of low first-year registration prices to place their bets on these domains.

I personally think these domains are a bad investment. They aren’t universally accepted by different devices and they are only available in esoteric top level domains.

Now that cheap .ws registrations are coming up for renewal at higher prices, domain investors have to reconsider their bets. There’s a small amount of aftermarket activity for emoji domains but I haven’t seen end users coming in to buy and use these domains. That spells trouble.

Will the emoji domain fad be a thing of the past a year from now? Or will more top level domains embrace them as a way to generate more interest in their domains?

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  1. Page Howe says

    guess im thinkin you been caught up in the absolutes at this early stage, we havent been a fad yet to have been a fad of the past….

    “domain investors piled into domain names”, yeak 10k 20k names is a lot, and most not renewed, but we were only paying $1.99 or $4.99…and renewals are higher, so theres more work to be done.

    wasnt like the buyouts of NNNNNN and LLLLLLL and NNNNNNNNN,, in my opinion. now that was a lot of names being bought in a frenzy, or nnnn in all new tlds etc

    “Will the emoji domain fad be a thing of the past a year from now? Or will more top level domains embrace them as a way to generate more interest in their domains?”

    or maybe something in between, .ws provides a secure namespace for this type of domain name to grown and evolve.. and the low renewal rates should keep away any other top level domains, and .com and new tlds are barred.

    Windows 10 Keyboards just arrived, with the emoji ive sold i am provided a custom image so the owner can own the domain, and their own graphics.

    “That spells trouble.” thanks for looking out for us, diversification is still key.

    i think my trouble is defined and i still get enough oohs, aahs and i didnt know tell me more. Plus recent Namejet auctions (Continues throughout January did about $10k) – and thats ruthless wholesale domainer buyers…

    Thank you for including us in your year end summary. Happy New Year and i hope you have a prosperous 2018 and beyond.

    Page Howe

  2. Vito says

    Hi Andrew,

    I read your blog often. I post here once in a while too. I see this is another emoji domain article you are writing. Nice.Thank You. I think deep down you really like these things since you have written so much about them. 🙂

    Ok but seriously here, I had (6) dot ws emoji domains sell last week at NameJet. (3) of them got over 1k. (1) was $3100. Nobody was talking about these at al last year at this time.

    Matan from EmojiUrl.com introduced these to the domaining world at NamesCon last year. At that time, there was no activity at all. A week ago I had (6) emoji domains bring in over 6k total. That is a big difference in less than a year.

    Yes, we need more end user adoption. Doesn’t everyone say that with each and every tld out there. Ok, of course dot com is and will always be the exception.

    I have talked to many businesss owners and they had no idea that emojis were even a possibility to become their internet address or forwarder.

    AS for something new and exciting though, these things really pop.

    Added benefit, others are starting to see and like these as well.

    I honestly have to go respond to an email from another domainer who wants more info on these now. Someone who is very interested.

    Call emoji domains crazy or not, I can tell you as a fact they are starting to turn some eyes and become more valuable.

    AS for the devices not supporting them, I don’t know which devices you are referring to but everything I use supports them and more and more are making emoji keyboards a focal point, and easier to use.

    Happy New Year.


  3. Matan Israel- EMOJIURL says

    Thank you Vito and Page for representing us the Emoji domain investors here and in other online platforms.

    and thank you Vito for clarifying some facts, EmojiUrl.com introduced these to the domaining world at NamesCon last year, when only 4-5 people out of 1000 attendees at last Namescon have never heard about Emoji domains.

    Much respect to Andrew for covering everything that is hot and trending. I am sure 2018 will be even stronger in spreading the word about Emoji domains.

    Hope to see you all in Namescon 2018 soon!

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