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Uniregistry gets patent for domain management and transfer system

Patent is related to its system for monitoring domains not registered at Uniregistry.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent number 9,807,053 (pdf) to Uniregistry for “System and method related to domain name tracking and transfer”.

The patent describes various aspects of Uniregistry’s account management system. In particular, it focuses on the ability to monitor domain names owned by the customer that are registered at different domain name registrars. It also has claims related to transferring domain names:

What is described is a system and method providing an improved customer experience for the Registrant. The Registrant is able to use a single interface to monitor multiple domain names as well as to transfer its domain names between Registrars. The single interaction with the single interface works out just as well and just as conveniently regardless of whether at the time a Registrant commences use of the system, a single Registrar happens to be handling all of the domain names, or whether each domain name is handled by a different Registrar.

Frank Schilling and Ryan Smith are listed as inventors. The patent was filed in August 2015 but was based on a provisional application filed in August 2014.

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