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GoDaddy officially launches second-line phone service

SmartLine lets you run two phone numbers from your mobile phone.

GoDaddy officially announced its SmartLine service today, and it should be appealing to many domain name investors who use their mobile phones for both personal and business calls. The product was available before the announcement but was not heavily promoted.

SmartLine allows you to run two phone numbers from your phone. You can use your phone as usual for your personal phone number and then use the SmartLine app for business calls. You get a separate business phone number that people can call and you’ll immediately see that it’s a call to your business number. It can also be used for outbound calling that shows your business phone number on caller ID, as well as texting.

There are some competitors for this service, such as Line2. It also competes with the free Google Voice service, although Google Voice is not purpose-made for this situation. A dedicated line service like SmartLine will make a lot of sense for many small business owners, especially starting at $3.99 per month.

It sure beats carrying two cell phones.

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  1. John Kenney says

    Wow, I love that idea. While I use Google Voice, it is cumbersome as a true second line. Will definitely have a look into these options. Thx.

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