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European Domain Market + BrandIT – DNW Podcast #146

Understanding the European domain market and corporate domain management.

dnw-podcastThis week I chat with Jesper Knudsen and Jochen Kieler of BrandIT. BrandIT is a corporate domain and brand management company that bought domain brokerage Igloo.com earlier this year. I speak with Jesper and Jochen about the surprising differences between domain names in Europe and the U.S. and why it can be harder to pick a company’s domain when you’re in Europe. We also discuss portfolio consolidation and the challenges of corporate domain names, plus what acquiring Igloo means for the company (and domain investors).

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  1. Colin says

    Nice Podcast! Jochen and Jesper share the importance of ccTLDs. As a Canadian living in the US I completely relate to the fact that the US is completely .com focused.

  2. Pat Kubes says

    Guten Nach Mittag …

    Thank you for a very enlightening podcast. Quite often in the USA, we forget about the ccTLD and gTLD, and focus on the TLD. At my age, I’m focusing on
    God and family, and selling off over a thousand domains for $249 each. Keep up the great work at Brandit, Igloo, and DNW Podcast.

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