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Rick Schwartz gets RDNH win on Queen.com

Flower company guilty of reserve domain name hijacking over Queen.com domain name.

Knud Jepsen A/S has been found guilty of reverse domain name hijacking in the UDRP it brought against Rick Schwartz’s domain name Queen.com. The complainant is known as Queen Flowers and uses the domain name Queen.dk.

It reached out to Schwartz in 2015 about buying the domain name but was unhappy with his offer of $2 million or $15,000 per month. Queen Flowers responded, “Are you kidding me?”.

It should be fairly obvious why the dispute failed on the grounds of rights and legitimate interests and registration in bad faith.

The World Intellectual Property Organization panel said this was a classic example of “Plan B” reverse domain name hijacking in which a company tries to buy a domain and then files a UDRP when it isn’t happy with the price. It also blasted Queen Flowers for not mentioning its purchase overture.

The panel further pointed out that the domain is a common dictionary word, and it didn’t provide any evidence that Schwartz would have heard of the company when he registered the name in 1997.

Queen Flowers was represented by Patrade A/S. Schwartz was represented by Zak Muscovitch.

Commenting on the case, Schwartz wrote:

I get to call Frands Jepsen, Managing Director of Queen.dk and their attorney, Patrade A/S, Denmark, CONVICTED LOW LIFE THIEVES for eternity and do it in PUBLIC anytime I choose just like my friend from the saveme.com RDNH decision.

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking THIEVES are nothing but low life cattle rustlers of the old west that got caught. In those days they would have been HUNG for their crimes! Wish the decision was a bit more detailed with a monetary penalty, but a big win, is a BIG win!! This was a BIGGIE!

And as promised, I now OWN their reputations and promise to make the public penalty much worse than any monetary one!

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  1. John says

    Congrats to Rick and so nice to see. What an undignified action regarding such a great global asset they attempted. And Rick’s offer of $2 million was even a great bargain to begin with.

  2. David says

    Shame on the attorney that represented them. They should have been told from the start that they had no chance to steal the property. In my opinion, instead of paying their lawyer, that money should go to Rick.

  3. Eugene Fraxby says

    Did it already forward to an adult cams site? It certainly does now, wonder if that’s Rick already handing out some additional justice? 😀

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