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.NYC’s most trafficked websites are actually legit

40 are in Alexa’s Top Million, and they are real websites.

Since most sites that use new top level domain names are relatively new, you wouldn’t expect to find many that get a lot more traffic than well-established .com sites.

Typically, when I use DomainPunch’s Top 1 Million Alexa tool and search for specific new TLDs, the top ones are all spam sites.

But I decided to take a look at .NYC after seeing this tweet:

Indeed, .NYC has 40 sites in the top million. The top one is around #60,000, but the most important thing is that all of the domains look legit. This makes sense given the relatively high registration fees for the domains and the nexus requirement that registrants live or have a business in the city.

Alexa isn’t the world’s best ranking source, but this is still an indication that use of .NYC domains is growing.

I haven’t been to the city in a while, but I’m curious if people there have seen .NYC domains displayed in ads and on buildings in the city. It’s this offline promotion that will be critical to the domain’s success.

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  1. larry says

    Yes, I have seen an increasing number of .nyc ads. I believe this is the one extension that will do quite well over time.

      • DK says

        Been seeing increase in usage too. Three that stood out recently was bigloop.nyc , it is in huge letters on every bus. (its a big company of tourist hop on hop off bussaround new york), Panorma.nyc advertising on tons of subways platforms in Ny, just saw it this morning going to office. (will take photo for next time). Then there is link.nyc , which shows link.nyc on its every unit in very prominent letters between ads or on any announcement on all of its 800s kiosks. Seeing more small business using it, event promotion, restaurants. It still not everywhere yet, but it starting to get there.

      • larry says

        Will do next time I’m back in New York.
        I have bought a number of top .NYC domains. It is the only new extension that I invested in. I really like the potential of .NYC and the fact that 40 sites have hit the top million in its early stages is a positive indication of what could come next.

  2. Kathy says

    I see them quite often when I’m in the city – I’ll send some snapshots next time I’m there. Here’s one I just saw on Twitter the other day. noquestionsasked.nyc.

    • DK says

      That applies to all extensions that not .com . Has nothing to do with adaption curve. At some point, .nyc might be the .com of NY. Just like .fr and de and .uk are for the countires. Since we know .us ain’t doing it, so .nyc is filling the gap for lack of good .com’s on the local level.

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