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Domain names at a community pool Part 2

An evaluation of domain names used by small businesses.

If you missed it, here’s part one in this series where I evaluate the domain names used by small businesses that are sponsoring a community center. In this second post, we’ll evaluate the last six banners.


Surnames can be difficult to remember how to spell. But in some ways, I like this better than a generic Austin real estate domain names because selling real estate is often about your personal brand.


I suspect the reason there’s only a phone number is that this is a sale person for a larger company. He probably can’t have his own website.

Worse than no domain

Not having a domain is one thing, but not having any contact details (not even an address) is baffling.


It’s long but memorable, and Spicewood Springs is a popular street in the area.


Great domain and great positioning on the banner.


Another case of surnames being hard to spell but a notable brand.

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  1. christopher brennan says

    just so you know the CarolDochenRealtors.com is a copyright violation tof the term realtor

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