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.NYC tech domain name auction brings in $29,000

Web.nyc pulls in highest bid in latest auction of .NYC domain name.s

.NYC held an auction of technology and entrepreneur-themed domain names on SnapNames that concluded yesterday. The headline result was quite a bit lower than previous auctions.

18 domain names sold for a total of $28,872, led by Web.nyc for $8,638.

This compares to over $90,000 in the recent fashion-themed auction and $70,000 in the real estate auction.

Both of those auctions were headlined by major sales. The fashion auction sold Fashion.nyc for $37,000 and Shop.nyc for $33,500. (Fashion.nyc has not transferred yet so it’s not clear that the transaction was completed.) The real estate auction was led by RealEstate.nyc for $21,300.

The absence of one or two key bidders in these auctions can swing the pendulum quite a bit. That said, I’m surprised to see names like Webdesign.nyc sell for under $1,000.

Here are the tech auction results:

web.nyc $8,638.00
startup.nyc $3,300.00
create.nyc $3,300.00
ux.nyc $2,150.00
connect.nyc $2,059.00
cloud.nyc $1,950.00
vc.nyc $1,750.00
dev.nyc $600.00
webdesign.nyc $550.00
geek.nyc $525.00
webhosting.nyc $525.00
chat.nyc $525.00
gaming.nyc $500.00
designs.nyc $500.00
webcam.nyc $500.00
contractors.nyc $500.00
consultants.nyc $500.00
wireless.nyc $500.00

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  1. Steven Kaziyev

    I think that they did a poor job promoting the auction, i had no idea the auction was ending yesterday, they did send an email letting us know that 3 days are left but at the day of the auction ending there was nothing on FB and nobody blogged about it either, i missed the auction because of that and definitely would have bid on at least 8 domains.

  2. Kate

    The audience is restricted anyway. You have to be NYC resident, and I wonder how many bidders are genuine end users and not domainers.

    The domains quoted above: Fashion.nyc, Shop.nyc, RealEstate.nyc, are either parked or not resolving. Not encouraging.

  3. John

    I’m not especially thrilled by any of those .nyc domains, but it’s the previous sales that were completely insane in terms of pricing. Wish I had NYC nexus to bid then.

  4. John

    Also, in my view the poor results re .NYC are all but certain to be related to the kind of national “dumbing down” about domain names in general I described here: https://onlinedomain.com/2017/05/04/domain-name-news/wishful-thinking-will-not-change-domain-names-used/#comment-183966.

    It’s really sad. We can thank the likes of Google, the “PTB” and other such entities. Things could have been so different if the population had not bee “nurtured” all these years since the “dot com boom” to go backwards and be this way.

  5. Gabriel

    What a steal. The reason these names sold for so little is because the people with the BIG BIG MONEY that could’ve used these names to do something big didn’t know about this auction. Same applies to the previous .nyc auctions.

  6. Richie Fitch

    Domain investing in general is tanking in the face of a growing overall economy. Gtld’s have zero investment value.

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