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How End User Domain Buyers Think – DNW Podcast #134

Listen to an entrepreneur explain why he paid $40,000 to upgrade his domain name.

dnw-podcastDomain name sellers need to understand how companies looking for domain names think. Today we talk with Christopher Gimmer, founder of Snappa, a company that just paid $40,000 to buy the domain Snappa.com after using Snappa.io for a couple years. Listen to this interview to understand the mindset of an entrepreneur and how they think about domain names at various stages of the business. I promise it will be worth your time. Also: The EPA fumbles its domain, Spectrum is a very bad boy, Above.com, and a silly premium strategy at .art.

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  1. Steve says

    This is an excellent podcast.

    What I like about this transaction: both parties (Buyer and Seller) did well here.

    Snappa.com is an upgrade over Snappa.io (and the co-founder referenced losing potential customers without the .com) — it’s short, highly brandable.

    Also it is an asset to enhance valuation of the company. Also it solves the potential problem that an investor could pose? Why don’t you have the .com.

    The seller got a good deal, I assume.

  2. John says

    If end users don’t know about domains, then even if they are multi-millionaires and can well afford it this is how you can expect some of them to think:

    “What, that much? I was thinking maybe $50…” (Even for one worth millions of dollars.)

  3. John says

    Listening to it now…intro was funny… 😀

    Snappa service sounding interesting to me to look into. Prior to that I probably never would have. Talk about win, win, win…

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