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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times – DNW Podcast #131

One market for domain names is very strong but the other is lackluster

dnw-podcastThis week we chat with domain name broker Andrew Rosener of Media Options about the domain name market. He says it’s a very bifurcated market, with different results in the end user and investor markets. Andrew also discusses the challenge of premium renewals. Also: new TLD sales, lots of legal stuff (yay!), and a domain escrow deal.

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  1. onlinedomain says

    Drew was pretty much right about everything.
    This is what I see too both in the wholesale and the end user market.

  2. jose says

    interesting sale. it redirects to dxc.technology which was registered in January, two weeks before the sale of DXC.com.

    according to their website:
    “We have 170,000 employees in more than 70 countries, serving some 6,000 clients. We tap into global talent, powerful next-generation IT solutions and extensive partner relationships to help clients transform digitally and seize opportunities.”

    and from the Wikipedia:
    “DXC Technology was formed from the merger of Computer Sciences Corporation and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services”

    so a great spot on the best buyer for a sale of mid 6 figures

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