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Naming a Business – DNW Podcast #130

Learn from this company’s mistakes coming up with a company name and domain name.

dnw-podcastNaming your company and finding the right domain name can by tricky. Do it wrong and you’ll end up going through the expense of a rebrand. Willy Ogorzaly knows this well because his company has been through it–twice! He explains what was wrong with Congo.io, how it rebranded to Lawbooth, and why it has now switched to JustLegal.com. There are lots of lessons in this podcast. Also: Las Vegas Raiders, domain pricing and premium renewals.

Here’s the rebranding blog post mentioned in the podcast.

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  1. Maggie says

    A very interesting follow-up with the Congo / Lawbooth folks – now JustLegal. Willy is an articulate spokesperson for that enterprise. He did essentially acknowledge that the issues they encountered with the Congo to Lawbooth re-naming, were ones that were outlined by your many correspondents at the time in the original posts.

    • Jeff K. says

      People should always do research before naming their company, possibly hiring a professional naming consultant would protect against an infringement lawsuit. Legal expenses could really hurt small business owners with limited time and resources.
      Hope this additional information helps.

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