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Chinese buy another 200,000 .VIP domain names

Bulk orders boost .VIP top level domain name.

MMX (Minds + Machines) reported today that it has received orders for 200,000 additional .VIP domain name registrations.

The sales will generate $1.3 million in income over the life of the contracts, and this dollar figure includes 61 names sold in eName’s recent auction.

The deals seem to be structured for multiple years, as the company says the contracts “ensure high renewal rates for the new registrations.”

.VIP will have over 800,000 registrations once the domains are registered in the next week or so. This comes ahead of the first year anniversary of .VIP, when domains will be up for renewal.

MMX said it’s confident it will hit its goal of one million .VIP registrations by the end of 2017.

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  1. Richard says

    65% parked, 10% not even in the zone file… you’re not fooling us MMX.
    A spike in registrations just before the first anniversary… Nice PR stunt but no substance.

  2. Dan says

    Proof is in the details, which are lacking.

    This is hocus pocus stuff, like uniregistry a fluff pr release.

    These registries need to be honest, and concise, otherwise the wheels start falling off.

    This sort of stuff would never fly in the non virtual world.

  3. Richard Funden says

    Looking (on Domain Punch) at the actual names registered each day I must say that most of these are “real gems”. Someone is hosing down Chinese investors again, it seems.

  4. David says

    My question is what is the purpose of all these .vip (and others such as .xyz) in China. What are they buying them for, or planning to do with them? Basically they all seem to be worthless and nonsensical.

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