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Nat Cohen settles Reverse Domain Name Hijacking Case

Telepathy sued for reverse domain name hijacking in Parametric.com dispute.

Nat Cohen’s Telepathy has resolved a lawsuit it brought against Parametric Portfolio Associates, LLC for alleged reverse domain name hijacking.

Parametric filed a UDRP against Telepathy’s domain name Parametric.com last year. Rather than wait for a UDRP decision that cannot award financial penalties for reverse domain name hijacking, Telepathy to sued Parametric in U.S. District Court in Washington DC.

Telepathy alleged that Parametric engaged in reverse domain name hijacking and fraud and negligent misrepresentation.

A Notice of Dismissal (pdf) filed with the court today shows that Telepathy has dismissed the case without prejudice. Cohen told Domain Name Wire he is “pleased to have reached an amicable resolution to the litigation.”

Although terms of the agreement were not disclosed, Telepathy reached a $50,000 settlement with SDT International in a similar case in 2015.

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