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The tables are turned: now Donuts can delay Verisign

Waiting for the .Web.

Many curse words were muttered about Verisign during the process of designing the new top level domain name program. Verisign spread plenty of FUD to delay the program.

Now, the biggest new TLD company gets to take a turn at delaying Verisign.

Verisign struck a deal to acquire rights to operate .web from Nu Dot Co prior to a $135 million auction for the top level domain. Donuts, Afilias and other applicants cried foul. Donuts subsequently sued but a judge tossed out the lawsuit. Donuts, however, says it “will continue to utilize the tools at its disposal to address this procedural failure.”

That might mean Donuts will file for an Independent Review, which would delay Verisign’s rollout of the .web domain.

This would be an expensive course of action for Donuts if delay is its only goal. It clearly wants a piece of the action, too. It’s miffed that the auction wasn’t private, which would have resulted in a $20 million + payday for Donuts had the final price been the same.

And it’s not like Verisign will be hurting while it waits to launch .web. It keeps printing money, whereas new TLD companies were hemorrhaging it while they waited for the program to launch. It’s also still unclear if Verisign’s goal in buying the domain name was to keep it out of others’ hands, or if it saw selling .web domains at a business opportunity.

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  1. Mark Thorpe says

    Verisign bought the .Web domain extension to keep it out of competitor’s hands to protect . Com and use it as a business opportunity, to sell .Web domains alongside .Com and .Net.

    Some companies that were bidding in the .Web auction, knew they would never win .Web domain extension. They were just looking for a private auction payout.

  2. Al says

    Agree with the others above. The new g’s all are real bad and Verisign knows that. It was bought to let it rot, which is its highest and best use.

  3. Nick says

    Donuts is just hurting themselves, wasting money, and making sure new g’s will never be popular by not letting the only decent one release. But they have been incompetent of seeing the big picture from the beginning anyway

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