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.Com upgraders lead the end user sales list

Sanwa.com leads the pack at over $30,000.

If I could summarize Sedo’s end user sales during the holiday week, it would be a lot of companies buying the .com domain to match their country code domain names. Even though ccTLDs are more popular than .com in some countries, it’s always good to have .com, especially when you plan to attract business from outside of your country.

Here’s a list of domain sales that completed at Sedo over the holiday week…

(You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.)

Sanwa.com $31,500 – Sanway Supply Inc designs and produces computer accessories and office products. The company uses the domain Sanwa.co.jp.

VitalShop.com €10,000 – The domain name now forwards to vital2shop.de.

EnableTravel.com $5,000 – Cox & Kings is a travel company.

Loterías.com (IDN) $4,980 – Lottery Company Limited in the UK, which owns Lottery.tld.uk.

KlickTipp.com €4,800 – Klick-Tipp Limited is an email marketing company. It owns the hyphenated version of this domain.

OnlineCasino.com.ng €4,000 – BayBets Ltd in Malta.

AreYouReal.com $3,020 – This is a clever domain for Authenticated Reality, a company that will launch a new type of secure internet usage.

JayWilliams.cocom $3,010 – A guy in New York.

PGTWindows.com $3,000 – PGT Industries makes windows and doors.

ArrowFilms.com $3,000 – Arrow Films distributes feature films and TV series. Its domain name is ArrowFilms.co.uk.

iTechnician.com $3,000 – And yet another owner of a .co.uk buying the matching .com. Interactive Network Ltd offers cell phone repair at iTechnician.co.uk.

Spencer.co $3,000 – The domain forwards to GetSpencer.com, an app for workplace management.

VineTech.com $2,499 – How about a .co.kr owner buying the .com? VineTech offers an Internet of Things platform.

MDFGroup.com $2,000 – Hyphens suck, so medical equipment company MDF upgraded from MDF-Groups.com.

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  1. Mark Thorpe says

    Music to Mike Mann’s ears (and other .Com owners), flight to .Com quality.
    ccTLD domain name end-users are not the only ones buying .Com, so are nTLD (new gTLD) domainers.

  2. C. S. Watch says

    It is amazing how often I STILL hear, ‘What if we just go with this self-indulgent, fatally-flawed name, since it’s available in this .deepspaceghetto suffix?’ I fantasize about having an olde tyme seltzer bottle to spray people in the face, instead of being robbed of an hour explaining this issue.

    Anyone choosing to just stick with co.uk, etc., rather than brand properly, may as well specify that they only serve clients who are double-jointed or one-quarter Lakota Sioux or carrying a stone baby.

    Same net effect. Self-incriminating waste of custom.

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