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End user domain name sales up to $27,000

A dieting domain name sells for $27,000 and other nice end user domain name sales.

I was in a turkey coma last week and didn’t get around to publishing the weekly end user list, so here it is a week late.

Sedo had a nice sales week with a number of great end user sales. I like seeing names like SongBox.com sell for over $5k. This is going to be a great brand for the new owner, which plans to launch its business in about a month.

OK, let’s get to the list…

(You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.)

FlexibleDieting.com $27,000 – The domain name has Whois privacy and it’s just a coming soon page, but at this price, it’s definitely an end user.

TwinBet.com $12,000 – TripleOne Casino is developing a betting site on this domain namme.

GruppenReisen.com €10,000 – Touristik Media Verwaltungs GmbH, a tourism company. It translates to “Group Travel” in German.

CathayBk.com $9,000 – Cathay United Bank Co., Ltd in Taipei.

SoftSecrets.com $8,500 – Discover Publisher B.V. publishes content about marijuana.

EXOEnergy.com $8,000 – EXO S.A. creates consumer and industrial electronics.

AreaDocks.com $7,500 – Area Docks is a restaurant in Italy. It uses the domain name AreaDocks.it.

Xparcel.com $7,000 – First Mile is an e-commerce shipper. Its Xparcel service is for shipping to Canada.

SongBox.com €4,999 – Song Box, LLC is getting ready to launch a site at this domain.

TapeKing.com $4,995 – Exheed is an office supply company with a brand of packing tape called TapeKing.

KidsAndUs.com $4,177 – Kids & Us English SL teaches English to kids. Its website is KidsAndUs.es.

KNGroup.co.uk £4,200 – KN Network Services, a UK telecom and engineering firm.

WeddingFairs.co.uk £3,000 – Inka Publishing Limited is an advertising/marketing firm.

DNAAcess.com $2,239 – The owner of DNAAccess.com, a DNA testing service, bought this typo that leaves out one of the c’s in Access.

Stahl.shop €2,000 – Franz Huisgen GmbH & Co. KG operates the website StahlShop.de. Stahl means steel in German.

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  1. Eugene Fraxby says

    Nice to see the TwinBet.com sale. I have one of similar quality, perhaps better quality (though I would say that 🙂 ), I had someone approach to buy mine in January and they claimed they might be able to go as high as $10k for mine which I thought was still a bit too low. Never heard back from them after I countered, athough their first email wasn’t an official offer anyway, just a suggestion of the price they would pay. Well done to the TwinBet.com owner though.

  2. alexv says

    what is songbox is going to do?? put a song in a box?? songbox.net already does it’s purpose.. unless is the same owner…

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