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Another major registrar is sending expired domains to GoDaddy

Endurance’s PDR is sending expired domain inventory to GoDaddy Auctions.

godaddy-new-logoIt looks like GoDaddy Auctions has picked up another major expired domain name partner.

I was searching expired domain names today and noticed many domain names registered at Public Domain Registry and BigRock in GoDaddy’s expired domain lists, e.g. loyaltymoney.com, tarabulusshiping.com and rippleleaf.com.

Both of these registrars were part of Directi and acquired by Endurance International. Endurance is generally considered the second biggest registrar in the world when you add up its many registrars. Public Domain Registry itself is currently ranked #6 for registrations at Webhosting.info. So far, I’m not seeing other Endurance registrars in GoDaddy’s expired lists.

Public Domain Registry previously sent its expired inventory to SnapNames.

In September, Tucows became the first third-party registrar to partner with GoDaddy for expired domain names.

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  1. JZ says

    i also notice in godaddy auctions that with the domains from other registrars, the domain age isn’t listed so if you search by age you won’t see any of these. i wonder if they have plans to change that in the future.

  2. John says

    We are all lucky that Snapnames prerelease won’t get good domains. They have the worst customer service in the biz. GoDaddy, Namejet, etc at least are cordial and respectful. Can’t wait until they get completely absorbed by Namejet.

    • JZ says

      i can’t say i’ve ever had a problem with their support. the only problem i’ve never had with snapnames is with some of the oddball registrars pending delete domains can end up at. these domains going to godaddy isn’t good for domainers, prices will increase. public auctions = out of control bidding.

      • John says

        That’s the biggest issue. Snapnames has no problem taking your money but when you have no way to access your domain at those shady registrars (some of which are pre release partners) Snapnames refuses to help or refund you. I’ve heard the same report from at least 5 other domainers – they do it to everyone.
        You make a good point about prices though, they will be higher, but I’d gladly pay more to buy from someone other than Snapnames. With Snapnames you cannot keep all the domains you paid for. so essentially you are paying more for each domain than you think.

        • David says

          I basically agree with what you are saying. I have that happen to a few domains per year. I do get unusually anxious when Snapnames ends up catching the domain over one of the more modern competitors. I know that there’s sometimes quite a bit of unpleasant work ahead, especially if it’s a domain I’m very sincere about keeping.

          Lost a few domains to MyDomain.com this year, which Snapnames supposedly gave the wrong email address to — despite the correct email showing clearly in whois records. Shame on both parties for externalizing their paid duties to me. And shame them for doing so to anyone else. That’s just wrong.

          However, there’s less shady registrars used by Snapnames now than there used to be. I do only tend to lose a few per year. I used to lose far more 5-12+ years ago.

          If I truly get into a fight, including sending demands to Snapnames management, then they usually help.

          The problem is, I hate fights. I hate being rude. I hate snapping at people because I can’t just take it anymore.

          It works, though. Many people don’t mind this, but I do. I like being a cool guy to get along with. I like keeping stress low, both for myself and those I work with.

          That’s why I still personally don’t like Snapnames so much, even with the refinements over the years. I truly believe you should be able to ask nicely, once, and get them to figure out a resolution to a problem. It is their business, after all. It is their employees line of work, as well. The investors, execs and employees alike should all take that business more seriously.

  3. Salty says

    Won domain on GoDaddy auction, paid for it. Apparently, GoDaddy’s Namefind branch buys directly from Registrar [fastdomains which is owned by Endurance International] and then took it for themselves instead. This was 2 days after I had paid for the expired domain
    GoDaddy had me pay for domain they told me that I won and then appear to have bought it directly from the domain registrar, FastDomains for themselves even though they knew I as a 3rd party had already won and paid for it.
    Whole thread about it on NP board.

    • Andrew Allemann says

      It sounds like the domain name was in the portfolio that GoDaddy just bought. When it bought that portfolio the previous owner then would have renewed it as part of the transfer. I can’t tell for sure without you posting what the domain name is.

      • Salty says

        As the domain was listed with a different party than namefind when I purchased it, this is not the case.
        The only answer is that after I won and renewed it, that GoDaddy’s Namefind bought it directly from EIG’s Fast Domain. So two days after I bought it, GoDaddy took it for themselves. As it stands they give no good reason to not abide by terms. (since the registrant did not renew it, the domain should be mine)

        • Andrew Allemann says

          The fact that it was owned by another party than NameFind is exactly why the explanation makes sense. If, indeed, the domain was owned by the portfolio that GoDaddy just bought, then that would explain it. Without knowing the domain or the party previously listed I can’t tell anything. Why not just list the domain?

  4. Digital Address says

    Domain.com (Dotster) also listing at GD?
    Today’s GD auctions (12/11/16) include BSoul.com, which expired on 11/7.

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