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New Domain Transfer Policy – DNW Podcast #111

What you need to know–and do–about ICANN’s new transfer policy.

dnw-podcastThis is an important episode for all domain name investors. A new domain name transfer policy goes into effect on December 1, and it applies to domain pushes. If you don’t want your domains to be locked for 60 days, you should listen to what Endurance International Compliance Officer Darcy Southwell has to say on today’s episode. Also: Drop catching arms race, new TLD premiums, an expensive c.at, and a win for PIR and Afilias.

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  1. Nuno Alex says

    An important factor that most people don’t seem to notice is that some registrars change the whois information right after the domain expire. it will be impossible to transfer such expired domains then?

    • JZ says

      Moniker are doing the designated agent thing, so i wonder who else will do that too.

      I also wonder if there will be bulk options, if i want to change name or organization of 100 or 1000, etc.

      in the end i think this will result in people losing domains who don’t have access the email address to transfer and won’t go the extra mile to fix it.

      Then there problems that won’t effect many but will have effect, for example when i win a domain with snapnames and mydomain.com is the registrar, the whois info will often not update and mydomain will be listed as the registrant AND sometimes the info is correct in the whois database but in the mydomain.com control panel, it shows the previous registrant when the domain was acquired as a “pre-release”…I’m not sure whats going to happen in this case. I tried to sell their support this but they were utterly clueless and of no help. just kept telling me how to update it..

  2. Nuno Alex says

    We need to rely on registrars to honor the opt-out, and we all know how some registrars from backordering services are sometimes complicated.
    Unnecessary work for registrants and registrars and will not prevent most cases of domain theft.

  3. Nuno Alex says

    Already happened to me going to a registrar and discovering the domain whois was switched to privacy (without my knowledge) or using registrar’s info! If they don’t honor the opt out I will not be able to transfer the domain in less than 60 days. Sure, you should do these things in advance, but accidents happen. More bureaucracy and complexity, not security.

  4. Chris Byrnes says

    We’ve seen a burst of domain contact changes as word spread of the 12/1 cutoff date. I’ve had some web developer customers on background tell me that they were switching certain clients’ domains back under their info. They said there was never any agreement they would put the customers’ info on the domain records, but they did it for housekeeping. Now they just don’t want to deal with leverage issues after December.

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