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Building Geo Domain Names – DNW Podcast #110

Learn how Fred Mercaldo built Scottsdale.com into a revenue-generating machine, and how he plans to be able to do the same thing for your city domain name.

dnw-podcastFred Mercaldo built Scottsdale.com into a nearly $1 million-a-year business. His company City Brand Media is building out hundreds of other city.com domain names into fully functioning websites. Hear Fred’s vision and how he hopes to be able to make your city.com domain name more valuable. Also: worthless political domains, RDNH lawsuit and more.

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  1. Nat Cohen says

    Fred has shown incredible perseverance in building a business that can develop city geo domains of any size. Glad to hear this update, and to learn more about the team he has put in place. Thanks for sharing his story.

  2. Fred Mercaldo says

    Andrew, thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed and be on your podcast. I would very much like to revisit after Q1 2017, and share our progress. Again, much appreciated. Fred.

  3. John says

    Andrew – would like to see the player have a feature like on YouTube where you can choose different play speeds. Can be very helpful and save time. Don’t want to download either, just have it online like with YT.

    Haven’t listened yet, so that’s not why I’m giving my usual thumbs up yet.

  4. John says

    As an added note, this also accentuates how sad it is that nothing was done all these years to bring .US to the potential people would normally expect and had envisioned for it. Were it not for that, this podcast would be about “your .com or .US” domain, and there would be more win-win opportunity for more people. This type of publishing and commerce is exactly what .US is supposed to be one of the best things for, even better than .com.

  5. John Colascione says

    This was very interesting to listen to Andrew and Fred. Very impressed with the hotel revenue and the interest in real estate listings which are both attractive addons that I plan to take advantage of also in 2017. Great show.

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