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Election domains become worthless today

Clinton domain names? Those were so yesterday.

Well, the election is over. Now the value of many election-related domain names has gone to zero.

Certainly, domain names that have to do with Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House have no value now.

As for the Trump ones, it really depends on if they refer to the election itself (e.g. domains with 2016 or Pence’s name in them) or Trump the person. The former have little value. I also imagine ones related to a Trump media organization are worth less now since he’ll be working in the White House rather than on Trump TV.

Indeed, domain names tied to certain timed events usually have depressed values. Even if a domain name is perfect for an event this year, people will want to pay less for it because its useful life is limited.

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  1. Acro says

    With America being polarized, I’d say anti-Trump domains will do fine. Hillary domains are definitely worthless, her political career is done.

  2. Frank Schilling says

    The best generics from the campaign will still have value and live on. I own Y2K.com and the brand lives on after the event has passed.

      • Joseph Peterson says


        Trump is still facing charges of Fraud and Racketeering over his bogus Trump University. He did his best to slander the judge in advance of the verdict so as to cast doubt on the outcome. If the case is decided against the Donald, he’ll cry foul, pointing to the judge’s ethnicity (as before) and claiming the system is rigged against him (as before).

        In other circumstances, being found guilty of Fraud and Racketeering might be an impeachable offense. But I doubt a Republican congress would impeach Trump, no matter what he may have done or may yet do. He’s their rubber stump for each and every piece of legislation their hearts desire. They’d be loath to toss that rubber stamp aside.

        As Trump himself said, he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and not lose an ounce of support.

  3. John says

    Managed to pick up a really great post-election .com that Rick Schwartz didn’t beat me to this time. πŸ™‚ Has numerous applications in and beyond politics, and is an extremely widely used and popular phrase. Doesn’t happen often and I’m a little pleased. πŸ™‚

      • John says

        I’d like to Andrew but that would deprive others of the ability to get on my case about posting anonymously when they want. I’m trying to be fair. :-]

        And I still miss getting those comment notify emails from DNW btw…

      • John says

        The phrase is just exploding in use since yesterday like a mushroom cloud. Sorry I’m still mum, but I’m just a humble domain investor enjoying a few morsels among giants. The search #’s appear to have skyrocketed in just hours since last night. Someone already had a major social media for it for one of the other most popular areas of life it would be used a lot in, but apparently didn’t think about the domain. I think Rick S. would’ve noticed and picked this one up. May be a keeper.

  4. John says

    P.S. Still wish I hadn’t hesitated on Deplorables.com thinking there was probably no way it was free when I thought of it. πŸ™‚

  5. Eric Lyon says

    I’m still not sure why people jump on the politician name + party + election wagon in the first place. Too much risk. It seems like every election I hear about hundreds (If not more) domains that got hit with UDRPs. To each their own though I guess.

    • John says

      I was searching for variations of that and it turns out people already regged some of them years ago even, including with “Pence.”

      Aug 2015 on your idea there.

  6. georgeeblacker says

    If there is a political term that still has a high search volume or will in the future its still a good idea. It only takes a few good clicks to make it worth while for the year, but it definitely looks like the Hilary terms will fall off. Much more to come on Trump.

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