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October’s Top 5 Stories on Domain Name Wire

A look back at the past month in the domain name world.

Before we jump into last month’s podcasts and top stories on Domain Name Wire, I’d like to highlight a podcast I published this week in memory of Lonnie Borck. Many readers knew Lonnie, a domain name investor who attended most domain name conferences. I spoke to a number of Lonnie’s friends to compile a podcast of stories and memories about Lonnie. He will be missed.

Here are podcasts from last month:

Risks ahead for domain name owners? – DNW Podcast #104
Selling more domain names (with Bob Mountain) – DNW Podcast #105
How Page Howe is making money with domains – DNW Podcast #106
How to get free publicity for your website – DNW Podcast #107
Remembering Lonnie Borck – DNW Podcast #108

Here are the top 5 stories from October, ranked in order of views:

1. Who is Clarivate? – Asked, and answered. Mark Monitor is now part of Clarivate Analytics.

2. How GoDaddy “uses this one simple trick” to get 56,000 more registration years per month – It works.

3. Google open sources domain registry, Donuts collaborates as pressure on registry providers mounts – The cost of registry services continues to drop.

4. The .Com Cliff is .Coming – Last year’s Chinese surge is going to lead to a drop in the .com base this quarter.

5. GoDaddy builds a new (and better) domain valuation tool – It’s not available to the public yet, but it promises to improve automate domain name valuation.

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