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New York City domain name auction tops $70,000 as RealEstate.NYC sells for $21,300

Real estate terms sell for big bucks in .nyc domain name auction.

Earlier today I wrote about a registry auction for .NYC domain names on NameJet.

The auction has concluded with 19 of 20 domain names selling for a total of $70,650.

RealEstate.nyc led the pack with a winning bid of $21,300, followed by Apartments.nyc at $16,155.

The numbers would have been higher if .nyc ownership wasn’t restricted. .Nyc registrants have to have their primary home in New York City or have a business in the city.

Here’s the full list of domains and their selling prices.

RealEstate.nyc 21300
Apartments.nyc 16155
Rentals.nyc 5700
Condos.nyc 4600
Lease.nyc 4100
Homes.nyc 3200
Living.nyc 2650
Furniture.nyc 2508
Kitchen.nyc 2000
Brokers.nyc 1908
Lofts.nyc 1200
Garden.nyc 1021
Studios.nyc 1008
Renovation.nyc 690
Sublet.nyc 560
Brownstones.nyc 530
Coops.nyc 520
Construction.nyc 500
Interiors.nyc 500
Roommates.nyc not sold

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  1. Gabe says

    What a disappointment for the sellers. Wow, names on this list that should’ve went for 6 figs. That’s what happens when end users are nowhere in site.

    • John says

      They did not go for “a steal”. If anything the registry took their money for domains with transposed words that by any other measure would be considered a retarded ordering of words.

      Wait a couple, three years and you can probably have any of them for 5K or less. The history of domaining is littered with buyers like this that show up, look big and smart, and buy trash domains for big dollars and then just join the graveyard with the others.

      I put these domains in the trash heap personally.

      • Dk says

        Lol, i will take you up on it. I already have done some .nyc sales on much worse names . This was extremely cheap for the value. Buyers will do just fine.

    • Dk says

      @Gabe Yep, at least couple names should be selling for 6 figures right now. But no end users, resulted in bunch of happy investors.

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