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How Page Howe is making money with domains – DNW Podcast #106

How this veteran domainer is making money in today’s market.

Page Howe is best known for his $1 million+ sales of Seniors.com and Guys.com. But he says those were anomalies; his domain business is a lot like yours and mine. He focuses on selling domains to end users for four figures and domainers at wholesale prices. Page discusses trends he’s seeing in the market, how he’s attacking the wholesale market and if his new TLD investments have panned out.

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  1. Ian Ingram says

    Nice interview Andrew & Page. We’ve purchased several .coms from Page. For your readers/listeners, if you see he has something your interested in, definitely reach out to him. He’s a really professional & friendly guy to do business with.

  2. brand says

    Thanks again for another great interview.
    Good to hear from page, i always enjoyed his outlook on the industry on the Sherpa show.

  3. Mark Thorpe says

    Page is right about domain registries needing to promote their brand more.
    There is not enough awareness about domain names for the average person or business owner to buy a domain name.

    Domains need to be cool again.
    Maybe the domain Industry or a domain registry, need to have a celebrity to help promote domains like GoDaddy did.
    It would not hurt that’s for sure.

    Domains have been overshadowed by apps and social media lately.
    People need to understand that they do not own an app or social media account that they are using. Those are like leasing a car that you will never own.
    Apps and social media should be used to promote your business, not build your business on. That’s what domain names should be used for.

    By having a domain name, you own a piece of the Internet (real estate) and you are the boss like Page said!
    You and you only own a domain name. No one else can own it!
    For me, that’s worth owning domain names.

  4. carledgar says

    Well . . . you don’t OWN a piece of the Internet. You merely have the right to lease it for up to 10 years though as long as you continue to renew it’s yours, UNDER PRESENT LEGISLATION.

    One never knows what might come down the pike

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