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Kasperksy buys Unhackable.com (and other end user domain name sales)

Security firm is the most notable buyer on this week’s end user sales list.

The most notable end user sale to take place at Sedo this past week was Unhackable.com, a great security domain name purchased by internet security firm Kasperksy for $9,999.

Sedo’s top reported sale for the past week was GameWin.com for $35,000. Its whois record is protected by whois privacy but the price signals that it’s an end user purchase.

Here are other end user domain name purchases from Sedo over the past week.

(You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.)

OLXGroup.com $10,000 – OLX Global B.V. powers online marketplaces.

Osteoporosis.net $10,000 – Health Union, LLC creates online health communities.

Unhackable.com $9,999 – Security firm Kaspersky.

FoldingChairs.com $9,500 – Belnick Inc. sells chairs through its site BizChair.com

Incentivised.com $8,500 – Strategic Property Services UK Ltd is a UK real estate firm creating a property sales site under the Incentivised brand.

AInternational.com $4,000 – I can’t find anything about this company, so it must be new.

Pruvi.com $4,000 – My guess is that Latitude Software is getting ready to launch a new brand.

ChurchClocks.com $2,995 – Time Assured maintains the big clocks you see on churches and other buildings.

Formalz.com $2,000 – Lifesytlez works with local reps to book ski trips, spring break trips, etc. Maybe they’re going to also organize formals?

MUM.co $6,000 – MakeURMove.co.uk is a real estate website with a horrible domain name. Mum.co is much better.

GoFundMe.ae $3,400 – a brand management firm bought this for GoFundMe.

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