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CIRA board elections end tomorrow

Domain investor Frank Michlick is on the ballot.

michlickBoard elections for CIRA (.ca) end tomorrow, and there’s a fellow domain name investor on the ballot.

Frank Michlick is running for the member candidate slate. He’s competing against five other candidates for a single spot.

Having known Frank for about a decade, I would encourage any CIRA members to consider voting for him. It would be good to get a well-known domain investor on the board.

Any .CA domain name owner can be a member in CIRA and vote in the election, but it’s too late to vote now if you haven’t already become a member.

Voting ends tomorrow at 3 PM ET.

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  1. John Berryhill says

    Frank should run on a platform of calling his opponents “stupid” and promising to “Make .ca Great Again”.

    That seems to work.

    • Frank Michlick says

      I was considering that John. Even spamming seems to work for some of my co-candidates. Next time, when/if I have to run again 😉

      Actually the “Make .CA great again” crossed my mind for my shirt that I made for the CIRA AGM last week.

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