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Reverse domain name hijacking alleged in HeidiPowell.com lawsuit

Reality TV star could be on the hook for $100k depending on outcome of lawsuit.

In July I wrote about reality TV star Heidi Powell filing a cybersquatting lawsuit against a woman named Heidi Powell over the domain name HeidiPowell.com.

The case looked baseless, as the registrant clearly didn’t register the domain name in bad faith. She registered a domain name matching her own name!

Heidi Powell (the domain owner) has responded (pdf) to the lawsuit, and is asking the court to find reverse domain name hijacking. She is asking for statutory damages of $100,000 for reverse domain name hijacking and is asking the court to award legal fees.

Heidi (the domain owner) is being represented by David Weslow of Wiley Rein LLP.

I’m still shocked that the reality TV star filed this lawsuit. Given the circumstances, a claim of reverse domain name hijacking is not surprising. I sure hope Heidi’s (the reality star) attorney informed her of this possibility.

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  1. John says

    Are there any financial penalties that can be imposed if someone is found guilty of reverse domain hijacking? I thought owners have been forced to only defend without any means of getting monetary compensation against people or corps who try to get a name via udrp rather than negotiate in good faith for the name?

  2. Acro says

    The argument is interesting. On one side, a public figure with a “brand” and on the other hand, someone born with this name. The tv personality was married into the last name, 5 years after the domain was registered (née Solomon).

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