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Wave.com domain name sold for $420,000

Big sale of Wave.com was the result of a corporate bankruptcy.

The owner of SendWave.com now owns Wave.com after spending $420,000 to buy the domain name in a bankruptcy auction.

George Kirikos spotted the sale in an SEC filing that was made on August 16.

Wave.com was auctioned as part of the bankruptcy of Wave Systems Corp. Chime Inc. won the auction for $420,000, and the sale closed at the end of April.

Chime Inc. runs a service called Wave that allows people in the US and Canada to send money to people in Africa. It owns the domain name SendWave.com.

As of right now, it looks like the company is running duplicate sites on Wave.com and SendWave.com.

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  1. thelegendaryjp says

    Sounds to me like the old owner was able to call in bids as well or had people bid and jacked the crap out of that name on the other bidder….er “winner”. Just a guess….

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