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Divyank Turakhia sells Media.net for $900 million

Turakhia scores again with Media.net; $900 million deal makes him a billionaire at age 34.

Divyank Turakhia arrives for deal signing ceremony with members of the consortium that bought Media.net.
Divyank Turakhia arrives for deal signing ceremony with members of the consortium that bought Media.net.
Divyank Turakhia, who co-founded Directi with his brother, has struck again.

Turakhia sold his AdTech company Media.net to a Chinese consortium for $900 million, making him a billionaire at the age of 34.

Media.net allows web publishers to tap into a large pool of advertisers, including the Yahoo! Bing ad network. It started as sort of a contextual platform built on Yahoo! pay-per-click, but has grown significantly since then.

The company grossed $232 million last year and manages over $450 million in annual advertising revenue.

For Turakhia, this is just latest in a string of successes. The Indian entrepreneur made his first $1 million at age 18, $100 million at 23, and is now a billionaire.

In 2014, Turakhia and his brother Bhavin sold four of their brands to Endurance International Group for $160 million.

In some ways, Turakhia has domain name parking to thank for his latest success. He cut his teeth in web advertising by running domain name parking platforms including Skenzo and Domain Advertising, which are now part of Media.net.

Turakhia will stay on to run the business.

(Disclosure: I worked with Media.net for several years as SVP, up until about two years ago.)

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  1. Gene

    Many congrats to Divyank Turakhia. Wow, great job in building amazing value.

    And all domainers who plays in the dot-Net aftermarket space owe him a gigantic “thank you” for single-handedly showing the world that billion dollar businesses can/are built on dot-Net names.

    The dot-Net marketing department had better use this example in the promotional materials and videos !

  2. domainvedarishna

    Unfortunately, in my country (India), this kind of real success stories get lesser attention than those cash burning e-commerce companies.

    Hats off for achieving real success.

  3. Bill Sweetman

    Div is one of the sharpest minds in the adtech space, and he’s always two steps ahead of everyone else. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he’s also a nice guy, very warm and humble. Congratulations Div and team!



  5. Brian

    Wow congrats to him!

    I was previously unfamiliar with media.net (and this whole space pretty much). From a wiki: “Media.net completely separated from the failed Yahoo publisher network previously.”

    Yahoo couldn’t even manage its own ad network?! Good grief what a failure of a company… Kudos to these guys for making $900M for fixing what Yahoo failed to do themselves..

    While on the topic – how did Bing get tied into this ad network? Surely Microsoft is competent enough to run their own publisher ad network..

  6. ilLusive sAm

    Great news indeed..India is rising..good to see a fellow Indian rising 🙂

    wish him all the luck!

    …by the way would love to know how he accumulated $1mil @ age 18 and $100mil at age 23

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