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Net is trending in Com

Thanks to “researchnet” names, net was the top trending keyword in .com last month.

Verisign released its monthly trending keywords report for May, and the number one trending term in .com was…net?

Yes, net.

According to Verisign’s DomainView, there was a spike in .com names containing “net” registered on May 20, when about 4,000 names were registered.

DomainView doesn’t list all of them, but many names contained “researchnetwork” and “researchnet”. These appear to have been registered to a SafeNames client.

Net is also the number one trending work in .net, as each of these names (such as the very long ComputerBiologyMedicineResearchNet.com) was also registered in .com.

Thanks to these registrations, “research” landed in the number 2 spot.

Here are the top ten trending keywords in .com from last month:

1. Net
2. Research
3. Trump
4. Ticket
5. Window
6. Got
7. Desk
8. Staging
9. Certified
10. Plumber

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